World Cities Conference

8th October 2014 - 10th October 2014

Location: British Library, London

This conference aligns really well with the marketing strategy for NNL’s Security business area and in particular joint working to date with ARES in the infrastructure vulnerability assessment area. Maintaining security in large city centres has a very similar complexity to large nuclear sites like Sellafield where the threat can present itself in many ways.

By 2050 around three quarters of the world’s population will live in cities — that’s approaching seven billion people on a mere 2% of the global land mass. Urbanisation will pose tremendous challenges, not least in how to make cities safe, secure and resilient for their inhabitants.

To help future-proof world cities, an international conference will take place in London on 9 – 10 October 2014. Organised by London First and CIR Magazine, the two-day event that will take a holistic look at how cities can be made safer, more secure, smarter and more resilient by better predictive, protective and responsive measures.

The major themes will be urban challenges, crisis responses, building resilience, and integrating technology. More information is given at website


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