Society of Glass Technology Annual Meeting

10th September 2014 - 12th September 2014

Location: University of Durham

The list of topics to be covered in this conference reflects the very wide scope of glass science and technology. In addition to sessions specifically on waste vitrification chemistry, there will also be presentations on:

  • Chemical Aspects of Glass Structure
  • Chemical Nanoheterogeneity in Single-Phase Multi-Component Glasses
  • Thermodynamics of Glasses and Glass-Forming Melts
  • Optical Basicity
  • Phase Separation and Crystallisation
  • Porous Glasses
  • Coloured Glasses
  • Rare Earth and Transition Metals in Glasses
  • Industrial Glass Chemistry
  • Batch Reactions and Glass Formation
  • Ancient Glass Compositions
  • Chemical Analysis of Glasses
  • Chemical Durability and Crizzling
  • Corrosion of Glass Surfaces
  • Water in Glass
  • Gases in Glass

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