RPS is a planning and development, energy and environmental management consultancy with over 5,000 staff operating from over 50 domestic and 30 overseas offices.

RPS has been a leading provider of consultancy services to the UK nuclear sector for over 25 years, including:

  • Safety case advice, preparation and management
  • Radiological risk assessment
  • Criticality safety assessment
  • Radiological shielding Assessment
  • Fire risk assessment (conventional and nuclear)
  • Independent Peer Review (IPR/INSA)
  • Non-radiological safety assessment, including ATEX/DSEAR
  • Environmental Risk assessment / BAT studies
  • Contaminated land investigation and assessment
  • Planning Advice and Environmental Impact Assessment

Key Contact: Carl Gaskell

Tel: 01925 831000

Email: carl.gaskell@rpsgroup.com

Web: www.rpsgroup.com


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