International Nuclear Graphite Specialists Meeting (INGSM15)

15th September 2014 - 18th September 2014

Location: Hangzhou

INGSM is the most important annual event for nuclear graphite specialists. Whilst a short nuclear graphite session is normally included at the Carbon conference, INGSM is the one event which all interested parties try to attend. It is therefore an event at which you can meet informally all key figures in nuclear graphite. It is also an opportunity to assess the quality of research students and their potential for recruitment. And most importantly, it is the most efficient way to keep pace of all developments in nuclear graphite. For as long as NNL maintains a graphite capability, it is essential that it has a visible presence at the meeting and promotes its work and expertise. From a business perspective, INGSM provides the opportunity to promote the development of the NNL and explain its objectives – there is currently a poor understanding of the organisation with confusion over its previous names and business associations. The event provides the opportunity to discuss potential work, capabilities, facilities and promote ongoing activities. It also provides insights into understanding of technical issues that we are working on for major customers – Magnox North, EdF Energy and NDA.

The meeting this year will be joint-hosted by Sinosteel and Tsinghua University in China. [INGSM1 was hosted by ORNL at Oak Ridge USA; INGSM2 by SGL Group at Rain, Germany; INGSM3 by GrafTech International at Cleveland, USA; INGSM4 by Toyo Tanso at Kagawa, Japan; INGSM5 by HSE/BNFL in Snowdonia, UK; INGSM6 by SGL Group at Chamonix, France; INGSM7 by ORNL at Oak Ridge, USA; INGSM8 by Necsa/PBMR Ltd in North West Province, South Africa, INGSM9 by NRG, Petten, Netherlands; INGSM10 hosted by INL at West Yellowstone, USA; INGSM11 hosted by various UK sponsors including NNL at Eastbourne, UK;INGSM12 by KAERI at Jeju Island, South Korea; INGSM13 by SGL at Meitingen, Germany; INGSM14 by USDOE and Toyo Tanso in the US].

Work on graphite accounts for ~£5.7m of the NNL income, and although the Magnox stations are nearing the end of life (currently predicted around 2014) the EdF stations will require expertise in this area going out long into the future. There are also issues surrounding disposal of graphite and the development of new High Temperature Reactors. This meeting provides a valuable opportunity to maintain international contacts and continue to put a spotlight on NNL activities in graphite.


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