Ind-Ex is generally acknowledged, by the supply chain and site operators, as being the premier at-site) organiser of specialist supplier engagement events within the nuclear sector.

Although operational since the late 1980s, Ind-Ex has operated in its present form since 1998, with the incorporation of Industrial Exhibitions Ltd., and is still recognised as the authentic ‘Industrial Exhibitions’.

Trusted by organisations such as AWE, EDF Energy, Sellafield and UKAEA, Ind-Ex is now moving into the defence sector and will shortly deliver its first event for BAE Systems.

Its reputation within the supply chain is equally outstanding, earning it the reputation of being the event organiser that really does put suppliers ‘in the right place, at the’ right time’ – and in front of the ‘right people’.

Ind-Ex is proud to be a partner organisation of the North West Nuclear Forum and will look forward to actively working with the organisation, and the Birchwood Forum to establish the north west as the logical hub of the nuclear sector.

Key Contact: Peter Baxendale

Tel: 01253 732577




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