21st September 2014 - 25th September 2014

Location: Baden, Paul Scherrer Institute

51st Annual Meeting of the Hot Laboratories and Remote Handling Working Group

Scope and topics
The working group ‘Hot Laboratories and Remote Handling’, set up in 1963, aims at being a global forum for all users and operators of hot laboratories. The objectives of our yearly meetings are:

  • Enhance exchange of experience in all aspect of the hot laboratory work (handling, specimen preparation, analyses, waste conditioning, transport, etc)
  • Exchange experiences on the analytical methods to be applied on radioactive materials for research and development purposes.
  • To share know-how and experience on common problems
  • To discuss the present and future demands of the nuclear industry and to draw strategic conclusions regarding further facility requirements.

This year venue will be organised by the Hot Laboratory from the Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland

Programme – proposed sessions
Post-Irradiation Examinations
(new method or infrastructure, material preparation, Feedback on FIB use in hot laboratories, material aging)
Remote handling
(evolutionary systems for remote handling, robotic, refurbishment from old system)
Material and fuel accounting and characterisation
(request for operation, safeguard or transport; accounting method; software, minimum characterisation.
Experimental fuel production capacity
(overview (invited paper), focus on special need in near future and dedicated specific infrastructure)


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