Chemistry in Energy Conference

20th July 2015 - 22nd July 2015

Location: Herriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

The purpose of this Conference is to bring together scientists and technologists from academe and industry with interests in the applications of Chemistry in the Energy Industry. This RSC Energy Sector 1st “Chemistry in Energy” conference aims to embrace all aspects of energy–related research, where chemistry and the chemical sciences play a key or underpinning role in solving the UK’s combined energy challenges of carbon emissions, energy costs and security of supply. The scope of the conference will be broad and will include all energy forms and technologies.

Speakers will be drawn from the call for papers

Given the wide scope of this conference, it is intended to hold multiple parallel sessions, with individual sessions which will identify fundamental chemical science subjects and will, for example, cover cross-cutting issues over the whole energy field, such as materials chemistry, corrosion, water/steam chemistry, etc. In addition, some Keynote Speakers will be invited to give presentations on some specific themes.

Themes of the Conference

The overall theme is the applications of Chemistry in Energy. The scope will cover, but is not limited to, the mainstream energy sources.
– Fossil fuels
– Nuclear
– Renewables

The committee plans to have papers which illustrate contributions from chemical sciences to unconventional energy sources, (fracking and underground gasification), nuclear fusion, maximising oil and gas recovery, solving challenges for fossil fuels, transitioning to renewables, energy distribution and conversion, materials developments for energy technologies, environmental and emissions issues, and analytical chemistry in the energy industry.


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