Britains Energy Crescent

At the heart of design and engineering support to the nuclear industry worldwide.

England’s North West is home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of nuclear facilities, with a renowned skills base and world-class expertise in nuclear technology research and development clustering across the Region.



The UK is one of only a few countries to close the nuclear fuel cycle – post-uranium mining – with the Northwest the only UK region to contain the whole fuel cycle capability. It handles every aspect from uranium conversion and uranium enrichment to fuel manufacture, power generation, spent fuel reprocessing, waste management, decommissioning and storage.

For more than 60 years, the region has been at the heart of the nuclear industry and is currently home to 45% of the UK’s 78,000 nuclear workforce. This strength and depth of skills and experience ensures that the Region is extremely well positioned for the global nuclear renaissance.

The region is key to the UK’s multi-billion pound nuclear new build programme, with strategic sites already being prepared. Many of the organisations that have developed expertise in the UK’s decommissioning programme will also be applying their knowledge and skills to new build programmes internationally.

The Region’s supply chain is well established, extensive and varied. Members of the North West Nuclear Forum are already playing a pivotal role in the design, construction and operation of new nuclear power plants, and in providing the fuel cycle operations and technology required to sustain the nuclear programme for many decades to come. This technical expertise and experience is fundamental considering that Sellafield in Cumbria is one of the world’s most complex decommissioning programmes.

The region’s universities are pioneers in nuclear research and nuclear technology. Innovation has consistently driven the industry, including the National Nuclear Laboratory and the University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute – the lead partner in the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in partnership with the University of Sheffield.

On top of its outstanding industrial, academic and research capability, the Region is home to many of the sector’s key government agencies – testimony to its position at the centre of the industry and includes:

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
  • DECC High Temperature Facility
  • Office of Nuclear Regulation
  • National Skills Academy for Nuclear
  • Joint UK China Research and Innovation Centre

Add to this the multi-million pound investments by nuclear companies – strengthening their own facilities, skills and expertise in the region – and it’s clear that the Region is the ideal location for investors looking to capitalise on this exciting global industry.