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Atkins is the largest engineering consultancy in the UK, the third largest multidisciplinary consultancy in Europe and the fourteenth largest global design firm. Whether it’s the concept for a new skyscraper, the upgrade of a rail network, the modelling of a flood defence system or the improvement of a management process, we plan, design and […]

Key Contact: Martin Wells

Tel: 01925 238 000

Web: www.atkinsglobal.com



Ind-Ex is generally acknowledged, by the supply chain and site operators, as being the premier at-site) organiser of specialist supplier engagement events within the nuclear sector. Although operational since the late 1980s, Ind-Ex has operated in its present form since 1998, with the incorporation of Industrial Exhibitions Ltd., and is still recognised as the authentic […]

Key Contact: Peter Baxendale

Tel: 01253 732577

Email: events@industrialexhibitions.com

Web: www.industrialexhibitions.com


National Nuclear Laboratory

The UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) offers an unrivalled breadth of technical products and services to our customers across the whole nuclear industry. Covering the complete nuclear fuel cycle from fuel manufacture and power generation, through to reprocessing, waste treatment and disposal and including defence, new nuclear build and Homeland Security. NNL provides these services […]

Key Contact: Keith Miller & Kat Lennox

Tel: 01925 289800

Web: www.nnl.co.uk


William Hare Limited

The William Hare Group is a global independent steel construction specialist. The family run business is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has origins which date back to the 1880s. The company operates across the entire globe and has executed projects in over 50 countries. With an unrivalled knowledge of steel engineering, fabrication and erection, […]

Tel: +44(0)161 609 0000

Web: www.hare.com/

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