5th Annual CRA PSA/HRA Forum

17th September 2014 - 18th September 2014

Location: Hellidon Lakes Golf & Spa Hotel, Hellidon, Daventry, Northamptonshire. NN11 6GG

‘PSA and HRA – what lies behind the numbers?’

Probabilistic Safety/Risk Analysis and Human Reliability Analysis are used to assure safety of nuclear, oil and gas, transportation and other mission critical industries as measured against quantitative criteria. But is it all just about the numbers, and can we trust them? How do safety, risk and reliability analysts and human factors specialists ensure that we can have confidence in the numbers?

CRA’s fifth PSA & HRA Forum will take a look behind the quantitative curtain. It will explore the qualitative techniques, judgements and processes that go on behind the scenes to ensure that the numbers not only mean something, but are the best mixture of evidence and judgement available to ensure risk is ‘reasonably’ assessed and mitigated.


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