3rd European Nuclear Power Briefing 2014

2nd October 2014 - 3rd September 2014

Location: Prague

2 day briefing will address the challenges, finance options, improving public acceptance and understanding, innovative reactor technology and the continued opportunities to be had in investing and developing nuclear new build. Lady Barbara Judge (Chair) which through its panel of industry experts from government, electricity generating authorities, oil companies, technology providers, consultants, developers and investors, aims to bring you an intensive agenda that will examine the key issues shaping the development of nuclear energy in Europe, particularly looking at new entrants to the nuclear power scene.

Issues addressed will include:

  • Ensuring a robust framework for continued expansion of nuclear power development
  • Supporting expansion of existing or new build nuclear power programme
  • Assessing regulatory issues
  • Climate change and environmental impact
  • Developing the grid and stakeholder involvement
  • Financing options

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